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Tragic Vision: The Abandoned Vision of the West?

David Tracy


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Format: Lecture followed by Q&A

Length: 106 minutes

Noted theologian David Tracy teaches Catholic studies and the philosophy of religion at the University of Chicago Divinity School. His books include Blessed Rage for Order: The New Pluralism in Theology (Seabury, 1975) and On Naming the Present: Reflections on God, Hermeneutics, and Church (Orbis, 1994). As part of the Lowell Humanities Series, he speaks on Nietzsche’s idea that the “tragic vision” of Aeschylus and Sophocles was the most vital response to suffering ever produced by Western culture, that it has been undone over time by Judeo-Christian influence, and that modern Western culture must reclaim it.

Tracy is introduced by Martin Cohen, an adjunct associate professor in the Honors Program at Boston College.

Presenter(s): David Tracy

Date: March 30, 2005

Location: Devlin Hall 101, Boston College

Sponsor(s): Lowell Humanities Series

URL: http://frontrow.bc.edu/program/tracy1/

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