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Clough Colloquium: Janet Robinson

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Janet Robinson, CEO of the New York Times Company, devotes her talk to “reinvention, in life and in business.” She discusses what she is learning “as we transform the New York Times Company, a venerable print enterprise, into a successful and vibrant 21st-century media organization.” These lessons “will offer you some insight with how to deal with demands of the future,” she tells her audience, because “you will be involved in organizations that will have to learn how to adapt in tumultuous eras, whether you work for a big international corporation, the federal government, a small arts organization, or the local PTA.” Robinson’s lecture was presented by the Carroll School of Management’s Winston Center for Leadership and Ethics, as part of the Clough Colloquium Series, which features speakers “who have made important contributions as ethical leaders in their fields.”

Format: Lecture
Length: 52

Presenter(s): Janet L. Robinson

Date: November 1, 2007

Location: Robsham Theater

Sponsor(s): Winston Center for Leadership

URL: http://frontrow.bc.edu/program/robinson1/

The information on this page is accurate as of November 2007