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A Church That Can and Cannot Change

John T. Noonan, Jr.


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Format: Lecture followed by Q&A

Length: 82 minutes

John T. Noonan, Jr., has been a United States circuit judge for the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals since 1985. He is also the Robbins Law Professor, emeritus, at the University of California, Berkeley. His books on religion and government include Contraception: A History of Its Treatment by the Catholic Theologians and Canonists (Harvard, 1965) and The Lustre of Our Country: The American Experience of Religious Freedom (University of California, 1998). In this talk he discusses his most recent work, A Church That Can and Cannot Change (Notre Dame, 2005), which explores divorce as one of the few areas in which Catholic moral doctrine is beginning to see significant change.

Noonan is introduced by John Garvey, dean of Boston College Law School.

Presenter(s): John T. Noonan, Jr.

Date: February 28, 2005

Location: East Wing Room 120, Boston College Law School

Sponsor(s): The Church in the 21st Century Initiative; Boston College Law School

URL: http://frontrow.bc.edu/program/noonan/

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