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Dialogue Between Muslims and Christians as Mutually Transformative Speech

David Burrell, Francis Clooney, Joseph Lumbard


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Format: Lecture

Length: 73 minutes

In October 2007, 138 prominent Muslim leaders signed “A Common Word,” a statement emphasizing the shared values of the Christian and Islamic faiths. This inaugural lecture of the Boston College Symposia on Interreligious Dialogue commemorates the event and considers the meaning and purpose of dialogue between religions. The keynote speaker is David Burrell, emeritus professor of the University of Notre Dame. Respondents are professors Francis Clooney of Harvard and Joseph Lumbard of Brandeis.

Presenter(s): David Burrell, Francis Clooney, Joseph Lumbard

Date: September 19, 2008

Location: Heights Room, Corcoron Commons

Sponsor(s): The Church in the 21st Century Center; School of Theology and Ministry

URL: http://frontrow.bc.edu/program/muslimschst/

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