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Seeing Judaism Anew in Our Time

Two panel discussions are held to celebrate the publication of Seeing Judaism Anew: Christianity's Sacred Obligation (Rowman & Littlefield, 2005), a collection of essays by the 21 members of the Christian Scholars Group, focused around the claim that revising Christian teaching about Judaism and the Jewish people is a central obligation of contemporary theology, both as a matter of justice for the Jewish people and for the integrity of Christian faith.

Introductory remarks are offered by Philip Cunningham, executive director of the Center for Christian-Jewish Learning at Boston College, and coauthor of the volume's preface; and by Mary C. Boys, editor of the volume and chair of the Christian Scholars Group

In the first panel discussion, “Looking Backward—Looking Forward,” Boston Globe religion reporter Michael Paulson interviews three professors emeriti of religion to gain a historical perspective on Christian-Jewish dialogue since the Holocaust. The panelists are Alice Eckardt of Lehigh University, Eva Fleischner of Montclair State University, and Walter Harrelson of Vanderbilt University.

In the second panel discussion, “What Difference Does the Effort to See Judaism Anew Make?” three Christians and three Jews offer personal reflections on the importance of the journey toward greater Christian-Jewish understanding. The panelists are Ruth Langer, associate professor of Jewish studies at Boston College; Reuven Kimelman, professor of classical Rabbinic literature at Brandeis University; John Merkle, professor of theology at College of St. Benedict/St. John's University in Minnesota; Gilbert Rosenthal, executive director of the National Council of Synagogues; Jean-Pierre Ruiz, associate professor of Hispanic/Latino theology at St. John's University in New York; and Karla Suomala, assistant professor of religion at Luther College.

The panels are followed by the unveiling of a painting by Michael O'Neill McGrath that was commissioned by the Center for Christian-Jewish Learning and the Archdiocese of Boston to mark the fortieth anniversary of the Vatican II declaration, Nostra Aetate. Entitled, “In Our Time,” the painting depicted the symbolic figure of Wisdom guiding the pilgrim people of the Church and Israel to the New Jerusalem of the Age to Come.

Presenter(s): Mary C. Boys; Philip Cunningham; Alice Eckardt; Eva Fleischner; Walter Harrelson; Rueven Kimelman; Michael Paulson; Ruth Langer; John Merkle; Gilbert Rosenthal; Jean-Pierre Ruiz; Karla Suomala

Date: October 9, 2005

Location: Heights Room, Boston College

Sponsor(s): Center for Christian-Jewish Learning

URL: http://frontrow.bc.edu/program/judaismanew/

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