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Chief Executives' Club of Boston

Noting that “consumers have far more control over where, when, and how they consume media,” Robert Iger, president and chief executive officer of the Walt Disney Company, announces Disney's intent to offer downloads of its most popular TV shows online, and critiques the record industry's litigious response to illegal music downloading. Iger, appointed last year, is the sixth CEO in the Walt Disney Company's 82-year history.

Iger is introduced by Bob Davis, managing general partner at Highland Capital Partners, after preliminary remarks by Peter Rollins, executive director of corporate and government affairs at the Carroll School of Management at Boston College and president of the Chief Executives’ Club of Boston.

Presenter(s): Robert Iger

Date: May 18, 2006

Location: Chief Executives’ Club of Boston

Sponsor(s): Chief Executives’ Club of Boston

URL: http://frontrow.bc.edu/program/iger/

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