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The Boston Foundation unveils its biennial report on the health of the Boston metropolitan area, looking at indicators such as the local economy, environment, and public services, at this Boston College Citizen Seminar, sponsored by the Carroll School of Management's Chief Executives' Club of Boston and the Boston Foundation. Chairman and CEO of Sovereign Bank New England John Hamill introduces the program and provides background on the report. Charlotte Kahn, the Boston Foundation's Indicators Project director, presents a summary of the report's findings and recommendations. Boston Mayor Thomas Menino concludes the session with a speech presenting his perspective on the city's challenges and prospects. Chancellor J. Donald Monan, SJ, introduces the mayor.

Format: Lecture
Length: 55

Presenter(s): Charlotte Kahn, Mayor Thomas Menino

Date: June 19, 2007

Location: Chief Executives' Club of Boston

Sponsor(s): Chief Executives' Club of Boston; The Boston Foundation

URL: http://frontrow.bc.edu/program/citizens1/

The information on this page is accurate as of June 2007