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Iraq and the Imperial Vision

Noam Chomsky, author, M.I.T. Linguistics Department


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Format: Lecture followed by Q&A

Length: 120 minutes

M.I.T. Professor of Linguistics Noam Chomsky discusses the war in Iraq, American foreign policy, and the Bush presidency. Chomsky is a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the National Academy of Science. In addition, he is a recipient of the Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award of the American Psychological Association, the Kyoto Prize in Basic Sciences, the Helmholtz Medal, the Dorothy Eldridge Peacemaker Award, the Ben Franklin Medal in Computer and Cognitive Science, and others. Chomsky has written and lectured widely on international affairs and U.S. foreign policy and written more than 30 books including Manufacturing Consent and Understanding Power.

Chomsky is introduced by Charles Derber, Sociology Department, Boston College.

Presenter(s): Noam Chomsky

Date: March 23, 2003

Location: Power Gym, Boston College

Sponsor(s): UGBC; The Global Justice Project

URL: http://frontrow.bc.edu/program/chomsky/

The information on this page is accurate as of March 2003