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Installing the free Real Player on Windows

This page gives instructions for installing RealPlayer on Windows. If you are not using a Windows computer, visit our RealPlayer home page to find instructions for other computers.

Step one:
Visit www.real.com/realplayer.html and click on "Download the Free RealPlayer." Follow the download instructions.

www.real.com Screenshot

Step two:
Once the installation process begins you will see this screen. Read the End User License Agreement if you wish and then click "Accept."

End User License Agreement Screenshot

Step three:
Select the connection speed of your computer and then click "Next." If you use a phone line to connect to the internet, 56.6 Kbps is most likely your speed. If you have DSL or Cable, 768 Kbps is most likely your speed.

Program Location settings Screenshot

Step four:
De-select the five checkboxes on the left side of the window and then click "Next."

Media Player settings Screeenshot

Step five:
De-select the six checkboxes in the center and then click "Finish."

Real Toolbar Settings Screenshot

Step six:
Check "Disable this feature" and the click "Continue."

Setup Options Screenshot

Step seven:
Fill in your required (*) personal information, de-select the checkboxes, and then click "Create."


Step eight:
Make sure you select "Basic Setup" if you want the free Real Player. You do not need the "Premium Setup" to view Front Row programming. Then click "Continue."


You are now ready to view Front Row video features.