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Installing the free Real Player on Macintosh OSX

This page gives instructions for installing RealPlayer on Macintosh OSX. If you are not using a Macintosh computer running OSX, visit our RealPlayer home page to find instructions for other computers.

Step one:
Visit www.real.com and click on "FREE RealOne Player" in the top right corner of the browser window.


Step two:
Enter your email address in the first box, select "Yes, I am a new customer," and then click "Next step."


Step three:
Fill in your registration information, de-select the "Contact me" checkbox, and then click "Next step."


Step four:
Click "Continue."


Step five:
Click the first link for "Seattle, WA." If this one does not work, select another.


The file is a compressed .sit file. The file may de-compress automatically. If not, simply find the file and open it. It will de-compress one file named "RealOne Player." You can then move the "RealOne Player" icon into your "Applications" folder.